We host a variety of classes and gatherings from April through October. An updated listing of events will be listed on the Gatherings page. Classes will be small, ranging from six to twenty participants. We will also offer personal healing retreats where individuals, friends, and families can come to play, work, and share. During these private getaways, guests will be nurtured by the beauty, tranquility, and peace of the land, while enjoying healthy food and the healing modalities & classes that are available on site. We are an official WWOOF sponsor, and offer farm and educational internships throughout the season.

Want to offer your own program at Homestead Retreat? If you have a workshop, class, or gathering that you would like to offer, or you wish to reserve Homestead for a private program or event, please feel free to contact us.

Homestead Retreat is a designated wildlife habitat, featuring crystal-clear streams, mountain vistas, organic gardens, and an abundance of wild plants and animals that call this sacred mountain home.​​


The heart of Homestead Retreat is a 4,500 square foot lodge. while the original part of the home is a hundred and fifty year old log cabin. The gentle sound of the creek flowing under the lodge is a delight to see and hear.​​

Homestead Retreat at Horse Fork​​

​Guest accommodations include fully furnished, private, & shared rooms inside the lodge, as well as in a nearby cottage. There are three full bathrooms inside the house. Tent camping is allowed in the forest and meadows.