"Ayal - I just have to tell you, you are truly the most joy-filled shaman I have ever journeyed with! Thank you for last evening's experience - The depth of my journey was both unexpected and very revealing. I am grateful." - Mamie

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​                                                                         The Council of Women Programs Presents



Women of all ages and from all walks of life have come to experience the joy, depth, magic, ceremony, and adventure of the Council of Women Programs.​ They have returned home excited, with inspiring stories of deep, personal transformation, healing, sharing, and the magic of living close to and with Nature. The Councils are a time of healing, visioning, drumming, wonder, and playing on the earth. We will embrace our Light and our Shadow, share meals under the open sky, touch the power of Grandmother Moon, and walk the path of Wise Women as we journey along the path of Awakening.

We will remember Who We Are as we give birth to ourselves and to our dreams. We will claim our richness and our beauty. It will be a ceremonial time. It will be moments beyond time, as we bring healing to ourselves and to our world. We will access realms

of personal power as we sit together and create sacred space. The peace, wisdom, insight, discovery, or change you are seeking

will often reveal itself in mysterious, unexpected, and delightful ways.

Your answer may come as you gaze at the intricate veins of a leaf, or as you watch the waterfall rushing by in silver streaked abandon. It may come in the compassionate, understanding smile of another woman whose face is lit by candle light, or in the rays of the moon. It may come in the passionate cry of the hawk, or in the burning embers of the fire. Your answers are waiting for you as we embark upon our journey together as Women of Power, and you enter into a magical realm that has always been waiting for you. The Council embraces the powerful healing of the Feminine, the wonders of synchronicity, the wisdom of women throughout the ages,  and the joy of magical encounters. It is an epic adventure of transformation!​​​​​​​