Several trails run throughout the property: some head high up the rugged mountains to amazing vistas; others follow thin lines through the grassy meadows and apple orchard; while some follow the gentle meander of the creeks and roads. Which trails will you take?

 Water flows everywhere at Homestead Retreat! Nestled along the creek beds are little coves where one can sit and wonder. Here, you are able to watch the water sing its way down the mountain, cascading in waterfalls and rivulets of liquid light. There are woods to walk in, huge boulders to nestle against, and flat, grassy knolls to lie down upon and watch the clouds soar by. During certain seasons, sheep graze in the nearby meadows, while free-range chickens wander around the farm.

Wild turkey are plentiful, as well as the shy deer who make this area home. Hawks, grouse, quail, rabbits, groundhogs, turtles, and occasionally  bobcat, fox, and coyotes are sighted. Elk and bear, from nearby Cataloochee, have been known to visit, while an abundance of edible & medicinal plants are found in the forests, including ginseng, ramps, nettles, and mushrooms. 

Near the homestead, a 25-year old organic garden produces nutritious food for healthy and delicious meals. Berry bushes (blue, black, and raspberry) and apple trees abound, the kitchen often filled with baskets of fruit just waiting to be turned into pies. All of these add to the natural beauty.


   Homestead Retreat is sheltered in the arms of the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains - the ancestral home of the Cherokee People. There is a deep sense of peace and quiet here: a sense of The Sacred - of refuge and sanctuary. The land, like an ancient Grandmother, is filled with layers upon layers of history, healing, and wisdom.

"Pure Enchantment!" Homestead Guest