Located amidst the flower gardens, Creekside Cabin (left) offers a private place to meditate, write, or relax while listening to the creek below. Built in 2016, the Treehouse (below) had tulip-poplar bark shingles placed on the exterior this past summer. It can accommodate 1-2 people. The newly built Outdoor Shower, (far bottom, next to Smokehouse) features two stalls and hot water on demand. The 100 year old Smokehouse will be converted into lodging in 2018. The Tobacco Barn (bottom, left) will be converted into an arts and crafts studio in 2018. The chicken coop is attached alongside the barn. 

Ceilings in the great room of the Lodge (above) rise up twenty-five feet, while on either side of the room the wall to wall windows offer an inspiring vista of natural beauty. The impressive chimney and hearth were built stone by stone from materials harvested from the land itself. Flowing under the great room of the lodge, the rushing sound of Horse Fork Creek can easily be heard year 'round.

Ballustrades (below) made of smooth tree limbs twine throughout the house, creating hand-hewn railings that feel at once ancient and organic. The stairway leads one up to the Loft, Kiva (right), and Crow's Nest (below).

The Kiva, or seminar room (right), is a welcoming, open space where classes are held, teachings are shared, and music, dance, yoga, meditation, and healing can be experienced.

The heart of Homestead Retreat is a 4,500 square foot Lodge that captures the imagination with its rustic and soaring beauty. Built with re-salvaged timbers from several historic buildings, the Lodge transports one back to days gone by. Each room provides a feeling of being tucked away where the hustle and bustle of the modern world does not intrude.

The original part of the home is a 150+ year old, historic Log Cabin (right) where pioneer families once lived. The cabin was carefully restored to maintain its integrity and to honor its special place on the mountain. The connected Lodge was designed by an award-winning architect, creating a unique, one of a kind retreat center.

"There is a deep sense of rootedness and peace that

abide here - a sense of being home." Homestead Guest

The Log Cabin Library (above) offers an opportunity to relax while reading, writing, or conversing with a friend. Wi-Fi is available throughout the house. A collection of books, CD's, & healing-card decks, on a wide variety of subjects, are available for use. During retreats, a queen sleeper-sofa, with memory foam mattress, offers space for 1-2 people.

The country Kitchen (below) makes cooking hearty, healthy meals a delight. Here, people can enjoy the sweet aroma of fresh baked bread, share a hot cup of tea, and pass some time in good company. An old cast iron skillet, passed down by the family who first lived here, sits on the stove, ready for use.