"Ayal won my heart immediately! I experienced her as affectionate and wise, while capable of the kind of SELF-REVEALMENT that includes a humility which convinces me that her spiritual accomplishments are valid. Ayal doesn't have to present herself as living in a constant realm of self-perfection" - Rebecca, client

"Ayal has her own deep wisdom that we are blessed with in her company. However, when she applies her thirst for knowledge and creates a far reaching subject matter to study, we are doubly blessed as she conveys essential material, offers profound insights, and helps us integrate that fruit into our experience for a rich self understanding, and more. I wouldn't miss any workshop, but her Masculine/Feminine class is so primary to our existence... for men and women. If you have any interest in the underlying dynamics of conscious and unconscious behavior, their patterns in our everyday occurrences, a keen desire for personal growth, and desire a quantum leap in evolution, check out this workshop. It could be just up your alley!" - Amanda Ford

 "You have this amazing way of explaining things and the way you know exactly what to do for any situation. Thank you!" - Tia

"Ayal - I just have to tell you - you are truly the most joy-filled shaman I have ever journeyed with!  Thank you for last evening's experience. The depth of my journey was both unexpected and very revealing.  I am grateful." - Mamie

"Thank you for the teachings, the healing, and the prayers. I have already found them most beneficial to all aspects of my journey. You are an amazing soul, and it is a blessing to have you here, with your warm heart and gorgeous way of being. The feminine side of me went from torn and tattered, to a dancing, "chaquita" banana woman - banana goddess, if you will!" - Melissa

"I just had to tell you how powerfully spiritual you are and what a Presence you hold. No one can come close to your wisdom and direction." - Ginger

"Thank you for your time and loving help. You are wonderfully skilled. The wholesomeness of your energy instills trust, faith, and courage." - Barry

"I found your website by accident, but I read your response to a woman who was trying to figure out her place in life, and I was deeply moved by your incredible insights. I've learned a lot and feel more relaxed from your words, and hope that I can try to incorporate them into my life." - LaTisha

"You are so often on my mind, dear Ayal. You serve as some sort of beacon to me. I am always grateful for having been able to communicate with and share with you some very painful feelings, which I have managed to finally put into words. Your insightful words, warmth, and true understanding seem to be always with me. They seem to echo inside me." - Laija


  Testimonial for Ayal's Personal Healing and Workshops