Testimonials: The Council of Women Programs

"I wanted to tell you again how very much I enjoyed our weekend. You must know what a real difference you have made in many women's lives. It must be a feeling that words cannot describe to see before your eyes the transformation that these women make when they can feel the unconditional love and acceptance given. I can't remember when I have felt so well centered and full of joy."  - Lou Stressing, Visual Artist

"So wonderful to spend such a powerful weekend with such a diverse and beautiful group of women. You two are amazingly gifted women with such insight and intuition into each of our souls. Your observations and intuition with respect to each woman was so "spot on" and specific to where we each are in our respective journeys. I am blessed to have been called into your circle. It is my pure intent to continue on this path with you both."
    - Jeannie N.

"The weekend I shared with you at the Women's Council changed my life. Your love and support, from total strangers, really made an impression on me. I'm glad to see that the kind of people I try so hard to be like exist in these times. You opened my eyes to things I'd heard hints of. I hope to learn more. I absorbed so much just by being around the women at The Council. Thank you for sharing what you know. You seem to know so much about so many things, especially people." - Sarah Hitchner,  University Student

"I can't say enough about how powerful this past weekend was and my overall experience shared with each of you. It was truly magical and life-changing and I plan to write down as much detail as possible in the next few days so that it is not ever forgotton and in hopes to share with others."  - Shanna, Midwife

"As you know, I have been to many of these 'retreats'/counsels and never before have I experienced such a powerful movement with the participants and guides. I am ever grateful to have been a part and truly hope to have the great honor to cross paths with each of you again." 
- Marilyn, Wife and Mother

 "I also want to wholeheartedly thank Ayal and Chrys for everything. To be so gifted, wise, knowledgeable, nurturing, intuitive, open and real... and then to to be organized, concise, specific and one-on-one with each of us... truly it takes a centered and fully aware person. To be in their presence is one thing...to be guided by them was an humbling honor." - Christie, Spa Owner

"Wise Women's Week was a blast! Singing, dancing, breathing, talking, listening, and feasting - all the things that women in Councils do. The ceremonies and sisterhood stirred my imagination deeply, and I left with a new sense of self - my worthiness, my power, my beauty." - Myra Tannehill, Professor

"I want to thank you for sharing your sacred place with me. It does my soul good to be so close to Mother Nature. I do believe that my heart is beginning to sing again. Thank you again for providing such a loving, safe space.  When I hold the stones I picked up on my vision quest, it takes me back to your beautiful waterfall, and I feel its strength. I truly appreciate all you did to support my growth. I feel renewed and ready for change."
     - Bevery Baucom, Wife and Mother

"I have been thinking a lot about my rites of passage - and two of the main ones involve you - entering into The Council of Women weekend, and my Vision Quest. I think of you as a Spirit Guide, and I wanted to thank you for supporting and guiding me in these rites of passage. You have played an important role in my life, and I thank you for your time, energy, and love." - Dana, Univerisy Student