Homestead Retreat at Horse Fork, Clyde, NC

What We Offer & Plan to Offer in the Future!


We will host a variety of programs during the months of April through October. An updated listing of events will be listed on the Programs/Gatherings page. Classes will be small, ranging from six to twenty participants. We will also offer personal healing retreats where individuals, friends, and families can come to play, work, and share. During these private getaways, guests will be nurtured by the beauty, tranquility, and peace of the land, while enjoying healthy food and the healing modalities & classes that are available on site.

Interns are welcome to apply & visit throughout the year! We are an official WWOOF sponsor.

Want to Offer a Program?

 If you have a workshop, class, or retreat that you would like to offer, or you wish to reserve Homestead for a special program or event, please feel free to contact us.

2017 Accomplishments

* Hosted seven WWOOF  farm interns.

* Built 2-stall, outdoor shower facility. Added stone pavers, connecting Ramate, Treehouse, Showerhouse, and Smokehouse.

* Added tulip bark siding to the outside of the Treehouse. Beautiful!

* Landscaped around the newly-dug pond.

Added Butterfly Coy to the pond.

* Expanded orchard & gardens for increased  production and sustainability.

* Began process to turn Barn into Arts and Crafts Studio. Built wood storage area, added new stairs and railings to hay loft.

* Harvested 6 gallons of honey from our hive.

2016 Accomplishments

* Renovated the chicken coop. Added free-range chickens and guiena fowl. Coyote, fox, and bobcat all ate well. We will try again!

* Restored the tree house, located near the Ramate dorm, to accommodate two guests.

* Horse Fork Road was graded and given a new layer of gravel. Trees trimmed.

* Built our first ever Medicine Wheel and initiated a ceremonial gathering.

* Raised and harvested garlic, potatoes, carrots, beans, hot peppers, peas, squash, gourds, and a variety of greens and herbs.

* Homestead pond was re-dug and filled.

*  Welcomed 5 WWOOF interns who worked the gardens, created trails, re-built log fences, harvested blue, black, and raspberries, and built a unique waterfall  feature to feed water to the pond.